Task Two

Email sent to Mr. Ferrante

Dear Mr. Ferrante,

            I am working on component two, task one and I need to get some information about you to put on the website. I’m just letting you know that I’m not trying to be nosy, or anything. Okay, first of all, where do you work, what do you do on the job, how long have you been doing this kind of work, and last but not least, why did you decide to be a scientist/engineer? What is it like working with a scientist, if you do at all? How do you collaborate?

            Here’s our component one. Is there anything that you would suggest putting in? Comments? We need all the help and suggestions we can get.

 ·        Task 1, Component 1

Today, we have way too many fatal car fires and crashes. The majority of the time, the driver and the passengers are disintegrated or just barely make it out of the car-fire caused by crashes, not necessarily on highways but on busy roads. So, we came up with an idea to have the sensor that triggers the airbag and that also triggers the fire extinguisher located in the engine to simultaneously cover the engine and gas tank.  This will cause the fire to halt before it reaches you. In school, we have quarterly fire drills. Twice each quarter, we practice our procedures in case there is a fire at school.

·        Task 2, Component 1

We chose Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for our NCT.  We chose this because we are making a fire extinguisher that connects to the air bag sensor. This ties in to the ITS characteristics where it discusses Emergency Management involving detecting and avoiding possible emergencies. The foam sensor will connect to the airbag sensor which will cover the engine when the airbag sensor goes off.  Also, the Technical Application includes sensors, which is what our project is based on.

·        Task 3, Component 1

In Akron, Ohio, citizens feel our pain. There was an explosion of a car at the scrap yard. Tires were exploding and much commotion was there. No one was injured. But if someone was injured or killed, their family members would be devastated.

            This happens all the time. We have problems with car fires and/or crashes popping up from the middle of nowhere. In that situation, no one was sure what started the explosion. Police are still trying to figure out the cause of the fire.

·        Task 4, Component 1

The solution for the car fire in Akron fire is fighters. Our solution is a fire extinguisher built in to the car. The fire fighters are men while our solution is a machine. The fire fighters spray the car from the out side and our solution puts the fire out from the engine. Our solution automatically goes off when the fire happens while you must wait for the fire fighters to come.


Thank you for all of your wonderful information,

Lydia G.

Ps, we need an answer by next week. (Current date- January 4, 2010.)


Email Received from Mr. Ferrante

Unfortunately Mr. Ferrante could not respond to our last email due to travel with work and medical issues.


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