Teaming and Communication

During ISTF we learned how to cooperate with each other even better than before.  We also had an amazing team leader that helped keep the whole team on task but we hit a few bumps in the road because the some of the team wasn’t giving 100% all together.  A few team members couldn’t find a way to stay on task sometimes.  But fortunately, most of the time everything ran smoothly.  Our teacher helped us research things we couldn’t find like a car crash fire story for component one. Unfortunately one of our technical advisors, Mike Ferrante, couldn’t respond to our second email because of a broken leg. But our other technical advisor, Luke Helenthal, has answered all of our questions. Thank you to both of our advisors!


Research and Innovation 

 Our team has learned that websites can be made by anyone, so they may not always be accurate. We also learned that to get true facts, we must find the same fact on at least 2 websites, and trusty websites are .edu or .gov. The first thing is that we don’t use blogs for information because anyone can post things up on blogs. We also learned that the internet is good, but a variety of resources (Example: Internet and books) are better than only one (Example: books or Internet strictly). The device we came up with for our project is a car fire extinguisher. You can buy fire extinguishers at the store but you don’t know for sure that it will be installed correctly by the buyer and then will work when it is needed. So we will have our extinguisher installed in the car making factories.


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