Task One

Mike Ferrante was one of our engineers. He has been an engineer with the Department of Defense since 1975. He is currently a senior project engineer working for the Navy and the army. He has been working on flight stimulators for the Navy and Marine Corps. He is also working on simulation systems used to train our armed forces. Lately, he has been working with the army to build the latest MILES trainers which is like laser tag. He also has been using paintball guns and paint bullets in real guns for practice for the army. Also, he has helped develop and test the latest sniper rifles used by the special ops soldiers and the secret service. The other jobs he has been doing are all related to the result of the experience of being in the Department of Defense. He decided to be an engineer when he was a little kid because when he was little he built radio receivers. Then he went on to building more advanced radios. He also enjoyed taking apart things to see how they worked. His dad was an electrician in the navy so he learned a lot about electrical stuff from him which has helped his engineering career in the future.


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